How To Recover Files From Transcend Pen Drive

Transcend Information Inc. is Taiwanese organization that produces Transcend pen drives ranging from 2GB upto 1TB. Sometimes due to corruption, accidental deletion and formatting of Transcend pen drives user's loss accessibility to vital data which requires tools like Transcend pen drive recovery to get back data.

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Resolution To Overcome All Types Of Transcend Pen Drive Errors

Transcend pen drives are small in size and are portable devices used to share large amount of data. But sometimes user's faces lot of trouble while dealing with Transcend pen drives and end up with complete loss of data. Hence, read this upcoming segment to know common causes of data loss in transcend pen drives.

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Transcend Pen Drive Showing Write Protected Error

Some users encounter write protection error in Transcend pen drives which restrict them to read/write pen drive data. In such case if users require accessing pen drive data then online recovery for Transcend pen drive can be used.

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Transcend Pen Drive Showing 0 Bytes Issue

Transcend pen drive showing 0 bytes issue is another issue that users face. This happens when USB drive is used with virus infected system to store/share data, virus infected USB drive results in inaccessibility of saved data. There are few reasons behind of zero byte error such as, bad sector formation, raw file system or file system corruption. In such case you need to choose professional data recovery tool for Transcend Pen Drive.

trancend pen drive not formatted

Transcend Pen Drive Not Formatted

Some users encounter 'Pen drive not formatted error' when they connected Transcend pen drive with PC. The error does not permit users to access pen drive data until pen drive gets formatted which results in loss of data.

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Virus Infected Transcend Pen Drive

Using Transcend pen drives with infected system or PC also causes loss of data. Virus affects working of USB drives and result in accessibility of data. Transcend pen drive recovery tool help to restore all lost data without damaging original properties.

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Transcend pen drive data lost due to Auto Scanning

The auto scanning procedure often results in loss of data due to which the need for Transcend pen drive recovery tool comes in hand. When Autorrun.inf file gets infected with virus infection and is used with system which is set on automatic scanning then it might result in loss of data.

Unique Way To Restore Transcend Pen Drive Data

If you have encountered any of the above discussed issues in Transcend pen drives then there is no need to worry. You can rely on Transcend pen drive data recovery to recover lost, formatted, corrupt and deleted data from pen drives. Without damaging original integrity and properties of pen drive data, all recovered data can be saved at desirable location in system. The facilities like selective pen drive recovery is provided for users to recover only required data from pen drive instead of relying on bulk recovery.