Install Windows from Bootable Pen Drive Easily

Earlier, the user’s burn operating system ISO images to disc for Windows installation. As the technology upgrades, so today most of systems can be boot via pen drive. It is the most convenient way to install Windows from USB flash drive as it increases the speed of installation as compared to optical drive setup. Before using the pen drive for Windows installation, it should be kept in mind that the pen drive should be bootable. If it is not bootable then, know how to boot your Pen drive. In the following section, we will discuss the best manual way to install Windows from bootable pen drive.

Technique to Install Windows from Bootable Pen Drive

In Windows 8 and 8.1, there is an in-built support for ISO image for extracting whole data to USB flash drive. Users simply need to double-click on ISO for mounting it and Windows 8 will generate virtual DVD inside the system folder. After this, they can copy and paste all these files from virtual DVD drive to pen drive and then follow the steps discussed below:

Important: Users cannot make a bootable 64-bit Windows 10 pen drive from 32-bit version of Windows. Utilize 64-bit Windows version in creating 64-bit pen drive. Moreover, users can make pen drive with 32-bit Windows edition from 64-bit Windows version. Perform the steps given below to install windows from bootable pen drive.

  1. Firstly, Download Windows 10 on your system.
  2. Open elevated command prompt and type a command “diskpart”. Diskpart is a console utility for disk management that is shipped by default with Windows. It permits users in performing operation of disk management from command line.

  4. Now, connect pen drive and type “list disk” in prompt of diskpart. It will display table with all disks.

  6. Type “select disk 2” at command prompts and press enter.
    Note: User can replace the disk number accordingly.

  8. Use clean command to erase all the data from USB drive

  10. Type a command for creating primary partition for data storage “create partition primary” and press Enter.

  12. Enter a command to format the data “format fs=ntfs quick”.

  14. Use the command “active” to permitting pen drive to load some bootloader.

  16. Type a command “assign” to the next or first available drive letter.

  18. Use a command “list volume” and press enter.

  20. Now, enter a command “exit” but do not exist the command prompt.


Now, the users can easily utilize pen drive to boost and install Windows 10 on any system, which supports booting from pen drive.

Note: Users need to clear all data from pen drive before utilizing it in a manner to generate backup of crucial data before performing the procedure. If you cleared pen drive and then realized that some important data erased from the pen drive. In this situation Download Pen Drive Data Recovery Software and recover lost data. The software makes data recovery easy simply follow some easy step and all set.


Nowadays, pen drives are preferred more rather than CDs, DVD, etc. to install the Windows on the system. As it provides benefit to users by making it portable to utilize. Therefore, it is considered as best manual way to install Window from bootable pen drive in a way to perform the installation in a speedy way. Still if there is some problem being faced while performing the systematic procedure, feel free to put a comment below, the matter will be further checked by the experts and helps to resolve the faced issue.