Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

Tool Efficiently Recovers Lost, Permanently Deleted, formatted and corrupted or Inaccessible Data from pen drive or USB flash drive partition.

  • Recovery of both NTFS and FAT32 formatted pen drives.
  • Recovers & restore documents, images etc. from pen drive.
  • Provides preview of recovered data along with attributes.
  • Advanced search option to find an item within recovered items.
  • Extract Selective or Multiple Files and Folders.

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Capabilities of Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

Normal Data Recovery From Pen Drive

You can recover and retrieve entire data from a flash drive. The USB drive is scanned completely by the software and the data available in it is loaded which can be extracted and saved at desired location on the local machine. Deleted items cannot be recovered using this mode.

Recovery of Deleted Files Or Folders

Deleted files always prove to be a nightmare. If you have got some items deleted at the time of transfer or exchange of data then it is feasible to recover the deleted items using Pen Drive Data Recovery Software. The tool thoroughly scans and recovers the deleted items.

Recover FAT And NTFS Partitions

This trust worthy solution recover pen drive data supporting both FAT and NTFS file system. The tool is provided with advanced algorithm through which it can recover data from the pen drive/USB drive supporting any of the above file system formatting.

Live Scan Report Of The Partition

On selecting removal disk and type of scan for the device, the software displays a live scan report. The report is displayed separately in a pop up windowthat contains the name of selected drive, bytes read, total size, file scanned and number of folders.

Preview Detail of Selected Partition

Complete details associated with the external device like pen drive can be viewed by the software. This includes the name of the external device, model, type, total size, free size etc. Data can be recovered by the tool as long as the device is detectable by the Operating System.

Strong Search Option For Filterings

The tool is provided with robust search option in order to quickly find the desired item from the recovered items. You need to type a text or term which matches with the file name that you need to search. With this feature you can obtain the required files or folders quickly.

Extract Selective Files And Folders

Once the tool has recovered the affected data, a preview is provided for the users. You can extract the recovered items at any specified location on the machine according to your choice. Extraction is done by selecting the check boxes provided with the files or folders or by holding CTRL button.

Highly Compatible With Windows OS

Pen Drive Data Recovery is a Windows based software and is highly compatible with different versions of Windows Server. The tool is always kept updated and one can successfully perform recovery of deleted, corrupt and formatted drive. The tool is supported by Windows 8 and all below versions.

More Features...

Recovery of Data From Pen Drive

In order to transfer and exchange data, pen drives are frequently used. It can get infected by virus attack ,bad sector formation, improper ejection or Trojan infections. A damaged pen drive can prove to be a threat to the local machine. However, the software can easily recover data from corrupt pen drive.

Options To Recover Data From USB

You can recover data from the USB flash drive using Pen Drive Data Recovery Software in three different ways depending upon the requirement:

Normal data recovery, Deleted files and folders, Formatted partitions.

Recovery of Formatted Partition

Formatting is a common practice in order to get rid of virus and make pen drives clean. However, you can lose some useful data at the time of formatting. With the help of Pen Drive Data Recovery Software, you can recover the formatted partition effectively and with ease.

Auto Detect Devices

On installing and operating the software on a local machine, removable devices are automatically listed in the panel of the software. You can select the desired recovery type and preferred flash drive according to the issues with the data. Tool successfully perform recovery task without any problem.

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Pen Drive and Its Common Problems

Small sized and portable devices that are much in demand to share data is Pen Drive. Removable, available in different shapes, and most importantly capable of storing large amount of data, this external storage medium can be purchased at a low price.

Just like any other storage device, pen drives also have an abstract mechanism to read/write, open/close data from it. This is defined by the File Systems that defines a structure as how data should be saved on disk.

FAT: By default, most of the pen drives are FAT32 formatted. It can hold a system volume of 2TB. The files stored on partition with FAT32 formatting can save data up to 4GB only. It is less fault tolerant.

NTFS: Storage medias that are formatted with NTFS file systems are less vulnerable to damage and offers high capability to save data in a file. It allows saving a file up to 16TB which is huge. Pen drives can be manually formatted with NTFS file systems.

Related Issues:

Deletion and Formatting are common issues that makes data in pen drive inaccessible. In addition to this, there are some errors that result in data loss and demands recovery of data from pen drive. For example:

  • The disk in drive F: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now.
  • USB Device not Recognized.
  • Pen Drive shows a memory of 0 bytes free space when it contains Data.

To fix these problems and recover data from pen drives, there are tools available for help. Using Pen Drive recovery tools, it is possible to restore deleted or formatted data from pen drives that supports FAT or NTFS file system.


My 32GB pen drive had crucial business data in it. Thanks to this tool to recover pen drive data, I got back all the files and folders back that were lost due to formatting.

- Abraham, Texas

This Software works perfectly well to restore deleted data from Pen Drive. It helped me to recover two files storing important presentations and documents. Thanks a Lot.

- Lisa Wilson, Victoria West

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover selective file(es) from my pen drive?
"Once the software had scanned your pen drive, you can extract selective files or folders by selecting the check boxes provided with each file or folder or you can hold CTRL button in order to select desired file or folder".
Can I recover deleted items from the flash drive?
"Yes, the software recovers deleted items from the pen drive. Moreover, you can recover corrupt or formatted partitions. The software supports recovery of FAT or NTFS formatted pen drive".
Where will the software save the recovered files?
"For the convenience of the user, the software allows the users to select the desired location to save the recovered files".
I have a large number of files in my pen drive which is to be recovered. Is there any provision to manage the files?
"The software is equipped with a strong search option that allows you to search for the files and folders within the recovered files".
Will the software recover data from a flash drive which is not detected by the local machine?
"The tool can recover data from the external drive until it is detected by the Windows OS. If your flash drive is not recognized by the Windows OS, it cannot be recovered by the software".
Can I use the software on Mac OS?
No, the software is a Window oriented tool and is not compatible with Mac OS".